1. CD200R(high) neutrophils with dysfunctional autophagy establish systemic immunosuppression by increasing regulatory T cells.

    Date: 2024 Apr
    PMID: 38311677
    Source: Cell Mol Immunol
    Authors: Kim YS, Jeong YS, Bae GH, Kang JH, Lee M, Zabel BA, Bae YS
    Article ID(s): pubmed:38311677, pmc:PMC10978921, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC10978921;embargo-date: 2025/04/01;, doi:10.1038/s41423-024-01136-y, pii:10.1038/s41423-024-01136-y
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  2. Chemerin triggers migration of a CD8 T cell subset with natural killer cell functions.

    Date: 2023 Oct 4
    PMID: 37641406
    Source: Mol Ther
    Authors: Ballet R, LaJevic M, Huskey-Mullin N, Roach R, Brulois K, Huang Y, Saeed MA, Dang HX, Pachynski RK, Wilson E, Butcher EC, Zabel BA
    Article ID(s): pubmed:37641406, mid:NIHMS1932080, pmc:PMC10556222, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC10556222;manuscript-id: NIHMS1932080;embargo-date: 2024/10/04;, doi:10.1016/j.ymthe.2023.08.015, pii:S1525-0016(23)00447-1
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  3. Endothelial CCRL2 induced by disturbed flow promotes atherosclerosis via chemerin-dependent β2 integrin activation in monocytes.

    Date: 2023 Aug 7
    PMID: 37279540
    Source: Cardiovasc Res
    Authors: Tang C, Chen G, Wu F, Cao Y, Yang F, You T, Liu C, Li M, Hu S, Ren L, Lu Q, Deng W, Xu Y, Wang G, Jo H, Zhang Y, Wu Y, Zabel BA, Zhu L
    Article ID(s): pubmed:37279540, pmc:PMC10405567, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC10405567;, doi:10.1093/cvr/cvad085, pii:7190193
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  4. Development of a rapid image-based high-content imaging screening assay to evaluate therapeutic antibodies against the monkeypox virus.

    Date: 2023 Feb
    PMID: 36592670
    Source: Antiviral Res
    Authors: Kota KP, Ziółkowska NE, Wei J, Peng J, Ordonez D, Raney C, Prigge J, Hooper JW, Awasthi M, Goebel SJ, Zabel BA, Nasar F, Lederman S, Bavari S
    Article ID(s): pubmed:36592670, pmc:PMC9803393, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC9803393;, doi:10.1016/j.antiviral.2022.105513, pii:S0166-3542(22)00282-0
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  5. Soluble mediators in the function of the epidermal-immune-neuro unit in the skin.

    Date: 2022
    PMID: 36330530
    Source: Front Immunol
    Authors: Oleszycka E, Kwiecien K, Kwiecinska P, Morytko A, Pocalun N, Camacho M, Brzoza P, Zabel BA, Cichy J
    Article ID(s): pubmed:36330530, pmc:PMC9623011, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC9623011;, doi:10.3389/fimmu.2022.1003970
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  6. Unique characteristics of lung-resident neutrophils are maintained by PGE2/PKA/Tgm2-mediated signaling.

    Date: 2022 Aug 25
    PMID: 35679477
    Source: Blood
    Authors: Bae GH, Kim YS, Park JY, Lee M, Lee SK, Kim JC, Kim JG, Shin YJ, Lee H, Kim SY, Bae YS, Zabel BA, Kim HS, Bae YS
    Article ID(s): pubmed:35679477, pmc:PMC9412003, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC9412003;, doi:10.1182/blood.2021014283, pii:S0006-4971(22)00746-7
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  7. Targeting PLD2 in adipocytes augments adaptive thermogenesis by improving mitochondrial quality and quantity in mice.

    Date: 2022 Feb 7
    PMID: 34940790
    Source: J Exp Med
    Authors: Kim HS, Park MY, Yun NJ, Go HS, Kim MY, Seong JK, Lee M, Kang ES, Ghim J, Ryu SH, Zabel BA, Koh A, Bae YS
    Article ID(s): pubmed:34940790, pmc:PMC8711045, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC8711045;, doi:10.1084/jem.20211523, pii:212939
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  8. Chemerin-Derived Peptide Val(66)-Pro(85) Is Effective in Limiting Methicillin-Resistant S. aureus Skin Infection.

    Date: 2021
    PMID: 34803962
    Source: Front Microbiol
    Authors: Zegar A, Godlewska U, Kozłowska-Chmielewska D, Majewski P, Zabel BA, Cichy J
    Article ID(s): pubmed:34803962, pmc:PMC8595592, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC8595592;, doi:10.3389/fmicb.2021.742610
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  9. CCR2 deficiency alters activation of microglia subsets in traumatic brain injury.

    Date: 2021 Sep 21
    PMID: 34551293
    Source: Cell Rep
    Authors: Somebang K, Rudolph J, Imhof I, Li L, Niemi EC, Shigenaga J, Tran H, Gill TM, Lo I, Zabel BA, Schmajuk G, Wipke BT, Gyoneva S, Jandreski L, Craft M, Benedetto G, Plowey ED, Charo I, Campbell J, Ye CJ, Panter SS, Nakamura MC, Eckalbar W, Hsieh CL
    Article ID(s): pubmed:34551293, mid:NIHMS1746913, pmc:PMC8594931, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC8594931;manuscript-id: NIHMS1746913;, doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2021.109727, pii:S2211-1247(21)01176-1
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  10. Redox Active Antimicrobial Peptides in Controlling Growth of Microorganisms at Body Barriers.

    Date: 2021 Mar 13
    PMID: 33805777
    Source: Antioxidants (Basel)
    Authors: Brzoza P, Godlewska U, Borek A, Morytko A, Zegar A, Kwiecinska P, Zabel BA, Osyczka A, Kwitniewski M, Cichy J
    Article ID(s): pubmed:33805777, pmc:PMC7998263, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC7998263;, doi:10.3390/antiox10030446, pii:antiox10030446
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