Endothelial CCRL2 induced by disturbed flow promotes atherosclerosis via chemerin-dependent β2 integrin activation in monocytes.

Cardiovasc Res Aug 07, 2023

  • Chaojun Tang
  • Guona Chen
  • Fan Wu
  • Yiren Cao
  • Fei Yang
  • Tao You
  • Chu Liu
  • Menglu Li
  • Shuhong Hu
  • Lijie Ren
  • Qiongyu Lu
  • Wei Deng
  • Ying Xu
  • Guixue Wang
  • Hanjoong Jo
  • Yonghong Zhang
  • Yi Wu
  • Brian A Zabel
  • Li Zhu

Chemoattractants and their cognate receptors are essential for leucocyte recruitment during atherogenesis, and atherosclerotic plaques preferentially occur at predilection sites of the arterial wall with disturbed flow (d-flow). In profiling the endothelial expression of atypical chemoattractant receptors (ACKRs), we found that Ackr5 (CCRL2) was up-regulated in an endothelial subpopulation by atherosclerotic stimulation. We therefore investigated the role of CCRL2 and its ligand chemerin in atherosclerosis and the underlying mechanism.


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