Chemerin-derived peptide C-20 suppressed gonadal steroidogenesis.

Am J Reprod Immunol Mar , 2014

  • Lei Li
  • Chen Huang
  • Xu Zhang
  • Jiangbo Wang
  • Ping Ma
  • Yongjun Liu
  • Tianxia Xiao
  • Brian A Zabel
  • Jian V Zhang

Chemerin is a novel chemo-attractant and adipokine involved in leukocyte recruitment, inflammation, adipogenesis, lipid/carbohydrate metabolism, and reproduction. Based on the bioinformatic search for putative small peptides in the conserved region of pre-pro-chemerin, an evolutionary conserved region flanked by potential convertase cleavage sites was identified and we named it as C-20. The binding capacity of C-20 to chemerin receptors and its potential bioactivities were investigated in this study.


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