1. Mast cell-expressed orphan receptor CCRL2 binds chemerin and is required for optimal induction of IgE-mediated passive cutaneous anaphylaxis.

    Date: 2008 Sep 29
    PMID: 18794339
    Source: J Exp Med
    Authors: Zabel BA, Nakae S, Zúñiga L, Kim JY, Ohyama T, Alt C, Pan J, Suto H, Soler D, Allen SJ, Handel TM, Song CH, Galli SJ, Butcher EC
    Article ID(s): pubmed:18794339, pii:jem.20080300, doi:10.1084/jem.20080300, pmc:PMC2556791, rid:18794339, eid:18794339, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC2556791;
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  2. NMR assignment of human chemerin, a novel chemoattractant.

    Date: 2007 Dec
    PMID: 19636857
    Source: Biomol NMR Assign
    Authors: Allen SJ, Zabel BA, Kirkpatrick J, Butcher EC, Nietlispach D, Handel TM
    Article ID(s): pubmed:19636857, doi:10.1007/s12104-007-9047-7, rid:19636857, eid:19636857
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  3. Chemerin, a novel adipokine that regulates adipogenesis and adipocyte metabolism.

    Date: 2007 Sep 21
    PMID: 17635925
    Source: J Biol Chem
    Authors: Goralski KB, McCarthy TC, Hanniman EA, Zabel BA, Butcher EC, Parlee SD, Muruganandan S, Sinal CJ
    Article ID(s): pubmed:17635925, pii:S0021-9258(20)58714-0, doi:10.1074/jbc.M700793200, rid:17635925, eid:17635925
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  4. Staphylococcus aureus-derived staphopain B, a potent cysteine protease activator of plasma chemerin.

    Date: 2007 Mar 15
    PMID: 17339469
    Source: J Immunol
    Authors: Kulig P, Zabel BA, Dubin G, Allen SJ, Ohyama T, Potempa J, Handel TM, Butcher EC, Cichy J
    Article ID(s): pubmed:17339469, pii:178/6/3713, doi:10.4049/jimmunol.178.6.3713, rid:17339469, eid:17339469
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  5. Chemokine-like receptor 1 expression by macrophages in vivo: regulation by TGF-beta and TLR ligands.

    Date: 2006 Aug
    PMID: 16863918
    Source: Exp Hematol
    Authors: Zabel BA, Ohyama T, Zuniga L, Kim JY, Johnston B, Allen SJ, Guido DG, Handel TM, Butcher EC
    Article ID(s): pubmed:16863918, pii:S0301-472X(06)00232-3, doi:10.1016/j.exphem.2006.03.011, rid:16863918, eid:16863918
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  6. Chemoattractants, extracellular proteases, and the integrated host defense response.

    Date: 2006 Aug
    PMID: 16863908
    Source: Exp Hematol
    Authors: Zabel BA, Zuniga L, Ohyama T, Allen SJ, Cichy J, Handel TM, Butcher EC
    Article ID(s): pubmed:16863908, pii:S0301-472X(06)00314-6, doi:10.1016/j.exphem.2006.05.003, rid:16863908, eid:16863908
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  7. RabGEF1 regulates stem cell factor/c-Kit-mediated signaling events and biological responses in mast cells.

    Date: 2006 Feb 21
    PMID: 16533754
    Source: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
    Authors: Kalesnikoff J, Rios EJ, Chen CC, Nakae S, Zabel BA, Butcher EC, Tsai M, Tam SY, Galli SJ
    Article ID(s): pubmed:16533754, pii:0511191103, doi:10.1073/pnas.0511191103, pmc:PMC1413845, rid:16533754, eid:16533754, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC1413845;
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  8. Chemerin activation by serine proteases of the coagulation, fibrinolytic, and inflammatory cascades.

    Date: 2005 Oct 14
    PMID: 16096270
    Source: J Biol Chem
    Authors: Zabel BA, Allen SJ, Kulig P, Allen JA, Cichy J, Handel TM, Butcher EC
    Article ID(s): pubmed:16096270, pii:S0021-9258(20)63902-3, doi:10.1074/jbc.M504868200, rid:16096270, eid:16096270
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  9. Chemokine-like receptor 1 expression and chemerin-directed chemotaxis distinguish plasmacytoid from myeloid dendritic cells in human blood.

    Date: 2005 Jan 1
    PMID: 15611246
    Source: J Immunol
    Authors: Zabel BA, Silverio AM, Butcher EC
    Article ID(s): pubmed:15611246, pii:174/1/244, doi:10.4049/jimmunol.174.1.244, rid:15611246, eid:15611246
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  10. Human G protein-coupled receptor GPR-9-6/CC chemokine receptor 9 is selectively expressed on intestinal homing T lymphocytes, mucosal lymphocytes, and thymocytes and is required for thymus-expressed chemokine-mediated chemotaxis.

    Date: 1999 Nov 1
    PMID: 10544196
    Source: J Exp Med
    Authors: Zabel BA, Agace WW, Campbell JJ, Heath HM, Parent D, Roberts AI, Ebert EC, Kassam N, Qin S, Zovko M, LaRosa GJ, Yang LL, Soler D, Butcher EC, Ponath PD, Parker CM, Andrew DP
    Article ID(s): pubmed:10544196, pmc:PMC2195678, doi:10.1084/jem.190.9.1241, rid:10544196, eid:10544196, pmcid:pmc-id: PMC2195678;
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